Project Description

The general organisation of the operation is based on three principles: the creation of an urban articulation bringing together the varied typologies to be found around the site; the design of attractive housing units and a dynamic young persons residence combining quality of life and appropriation by the residents; the reinforcing of the “Hautepierre city-garden” concept.
The project is designed as an open block formed by two buildings rising up from an untamed, rolling landscape. Each of the two buildings occupies the edge of the plot, with the young persons residence to the south along the extended Avenue Racine and the housing block to the north along Avenue Molière which has been reorganised as a pedestrian/bicycle/tramway mall.
The dual aspect buildings are compact. Their smooth façades and insulated envelopes provide good thermal control

Technical sheet

avenue Racine, Strasbourg
DOMIAL-HSA / Logiest
Project management team
Biecher Architectes, Christian Biecher assisted by Pierre Massabki, Guénaëlle Humbert, architects
SBE Ingénierie
36 social housing units, a young persons residence providing 99 housing units
6 800 m²