Project Description

The Animation Center Place des Fêtes is a new building designed to host cultural, sports and social activities. It is located at the hinge of two very different urban fabrics: the typical fabric of 19th century apartment buildings, and the urbanism of towers and bars of the seventies. The project plans to stack the spaces in a very compact project, in order to liberate a good sized city garden. It is wrapped in a skin of black, white and silver rectangles. This skin folds on the roof to offer residents towers overlooking the building, the view on a “fifth” facade. The basement hosts a 150-seat auditorium, the ground floor, an exhibition hall, multipurpose rooms and a kitchen, the first floor studios for the in and sports activities and the second level of workshops for the visual arts. The geometric pattern of the facade resonates with the vocabulary of the towers of the square, while defining, by its folding, a volume that responds to the scale of the small apartment buildings of the 19th.


Place des Fêtes, Paris 19(France)
Ville de Paris
Project management team
Christian Biecher assisted by Bruno Étienne, Élie Barrau, architects and Agnès Sourisseau, paysagiste
Design and construction of an animation center including a theater in the basement and spaces for sports, artistic and linguistic activities
1 750 m²

Luc Boegly