Project Description

Fauchon presents itself today as the big house of food luxuries. The house Fauchon is distinguished by three moods: a black / white / gray atmosphere, found in grocery stores, a golden atmosphere for bakery, pastries and coffee, and finally a silver atmosphere for the restaurant, light and bright like the kitchen seen by Fauchon. The different spaces communicate through doors and stairwells where we find the fuchsia pink that celebrates the brand. Developed in Paris and then in Asia, the Fauchon concept took the form of an isolated building in Casablanca. In the basement there is a laboratory that makes fresh products, on the ground floor there are bakery, grocery store and restaurant areas on the floor of the seminar rooms. Outside, the whole is lacquered black, like the Fauchon facades in the world. The large windows are clad with aluminum plates cut with water jet that take the silver color of the restaurant.


Tokyo, Beijing, Paris,
Dubai, Casablanca
Project management team
Christian Biecher assisted by
Régis Botta, Céline Carrel, architects
Program in Casablanca
Villa housing a lounge restaurant and a shop on the ground floor,
a laboratory in the basement
and reception areas upstairs
1 000 m²
2006 to 2010

Luc Boegly