Project Description

The creation of La Grande-Motte was an intrinsic part of the 30 glorious post-war years that saw the emergence of the consumer society.
The aim of the master plan is to strengthen and develop the existing town. This is paradoxical for a setting that, above all, is seen as a holiday destination.
The urban and architectural form of La Grande Motte is of considerable quality and it is interesting see how this is able to offer the basis for the creation of a bioclimatic town. It provides a context adapted to the development of both a permanent town and a tourist-oriented use.
Located within the sphere of influence of greater Montpellier and lying alongside the Mediterranean arc, it receives all the advantages – job catchment area, good access points – along with the disadvantages of being on the outskirts of a high profile town with the attendant risk of becoming a suburban dormitory or, on the contrary, a town 100% specialised in tourism.


Ville de la Grande-Motte
Project management team
Attitudes Urbaines – urban programmer, Nathalie Lucas et Pascale Mercier – landscape designers, Roland Ribi & Associés – movements, MDTS – operational methodology, Pierres & Eaux -drainage and road networks
Master plan for extending and modernising the town
10 km²