Project Description

The site is located in the western part of La Tour d’Aigues. In the foreground, the landscape is continued by vineyards backed by the forests of the massifs in the form of hills. In the background, the silhouettes of massifs stand out: in the North, the Luberon and in the South, the Sainte-Victoire mountain.

The winery, in the southern part of the property, near the entrance to the domain has a curving silhouette inspired by the shapes of the landscape that surrounds it. Its height varies according to the drawing of the curve from 4 to 6m. Its volume is entirely covered with pre-greyed wood panels. Some of the panels pivot on a vertical axis forming shutters, and allow access to a terrace arranged in continuity. The ground floor houses the restaurant and shop, a basement level accommodates the premises for the production and wine aging.
The building benefits from the natural slope of the site so that the gravitational principles of wine-making find their natural place.

From the surroundings, the impact of the project will be minimal, as much by its size, which blends into the vegetation that surrounds it, as by its modern style and respect of the history of the place.

The three sheds are located near the house of the domain, in the northern part of the site. The two volumes for the storage of the equipment are open, the one for storage only is closed by a grey wooden door. The facades are covered with a stone render and the rooves with terracotta tiles.

The site will be landscaped carefully to highlight its existing state.


La Tour d’Aigues (84)
SAS Famille OTT
Project management team
BiecherArchitectes, Christian Biecher
assisté de Bruno Etienne
ME2CO – BET bâtiment, Cabinet d’Agronomie Provençale – BET process
Construction of a wine warehouse including a winery, a breeding cellar and a tasting room / restaurant, a set of three storage sheds and storage of agricultural equipment
Hangar : 510 m²
Chai : 1 200 m²
in progress