Project Description

Near the entrance to the famous Sète Marine Cemetery, that’s where Anne Majourel decided to open a fine dining restaurant.
The location and the view where deciding factors more than the area of… 50 square meters. The starred-chef chose to cook in front of her clients, simply helped by an assistant.
A unitary space. A sculptural bar divides the completely open kitchen space from the dinning room, which is composed of a brown, leather bench and five Corian tables in the shape of pebbles. The chairs and armchairs, designed by Christian Biecher for the famous Drucker manufacturer, are woven in blue and white.
There are six seats at the bar and twelve seats in the dinning room; this Japanese format inspires the chef to offer a specific menu with ingredients purchased at the break of dawn from the fish market.
Rolling forms characterize the interior layout; the ceiling, bar, and tables are a nod to the famous ceramicist Valentine Schlegel, whose work the chef and architect have long admired.
The building was simply restored with new carpentry; long horizontal openings bring the ocean into the restaurant.


1 chemin du Cimetière-Marin,
Sète (34)
Anne et Jean-Luc Majourel
Project management team
Christian Biecher assisted by
Béatrix de la Tour-d’auvergne, architect
18 cover fine dining restaurant, kitchen, furniture
50 m²

Luc Boegly