Project Description

The project provides for the construction of a building for residential use consisting of four volumes of varying heights, allowing seamless transition from a small scale to a larger one. The whole, by its volume extracted from the urban landscape, thus integrates perfectly with the neighborhood. The buildings are covered by roofs reminiscent of the architecture of Parisian pavilions. Two entrances are created to allow access to the accommodation. One of them is a double height crossing porch which allows a visual breakthrough towards the planted garden. The richness of its materials, the precision of its geometry, the quality of its outdoor and landscaped spaces reinforce the peaceful atmosphere of this entrance to the town of Alfortville.


4-5 chemin de la Déportation aux Victimes, Alfortville (94)
Project management team
BiecherArchitectes, Christian Biecher assisted by Eleonora Boncompagni, architect
Paris Structures, Acousti Control, Cabinet Le Joncour
78 intermediate rental housing et 20 home ownership units
4 840m²